How technology has impacted our lives

Technology has altered every aspect of human life. Our dependence on technology has even opened up new job opportunities. This has created paths of study like an information science degree that gives technological enthusiasts a chance to join the industry. Which areas of life have been impacted by software and technology? Here are the most notable.

1) Human behaviour as a whole

Human behaviour as a whole

Our reliance on devices like laptops and smartphones is a clear indication of the way that technology has changed the way we live. We use software and apps to conduct basic tasks like recording notes, managing finances and even working out. Think of how many apps you use in a day and it’ll further emphasise that technology is part of everything we do. To read this article right now, you’re using a device.

2) What we’re able to study and how

Things like a software developer course and an information science degree would never have been possible had it not been for technology. This has opened new doors in terms of careers and given us the next generation of IT professionals. Technology has also enabled distance and online learning, allowing more people access to education.

3) The way we purchase goods

Gone are the days of having to go to the mall. Today, we’re able to browse, click, buy and enjoy delivery to our doors. This makes the process of buying everything from groceries to gifts a faster transaction than ever before. Some people love this and prefer it to traditional shopping. Some old-school minds prefer the physical experience of buying goods.

The way we purchase goods

4) The way we engage with others

Technology and software are making it easier than ever for us to connect with people. We can chat, video call and even see what’s happening in the lives of our friends. Although this is positive for those who live far away from each other, it has come to impact the way that many perceive relationships. As a result, some people might consider a “like” on Facebook or Instagram a display of friendship, where others might expect a phone call or text message.

5) The rate of innovation

Thanks to technology’s rapid evolution, many of the world’s industries tend to follow suit. With innovation happening faster than ever before, the world is changing and new ideas are coming to the fore. Without technology, we would still be stuck in the past, something we should all be thankful for.

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