Network management and the digital age

Network management and the digital age

Network Management has proven to be a secret weapon in every business’ bid to master the new age of digital. This means that there’s an increased demand for qualified individuals who have attained a computer science degree.

From mobile application development to cloud computing, studying a computer science degree could go a long way to helping you secure a position in network management for a major corporation. You see, big businesses need tech-savvy, ambitious employees to help them conduct, manage, and maintain all of their IT endeavours.

Businesses rely heavily on network management and IT for many reasons

For starters there’s the intranet, an internal connection that allows for communication and file sharing across all areas of the company. If this is down, it becomes a logistical nightmare that slows down productivity, halts communication, and puts a stop to the sharing of vital business information and files.

Then there’s cloud storage, a vital part of maintaining a business and its operations. Without it, mails, documents, and important files could be lost creating havoc and down time. More and more companies are beginning to facilitate their own cloud storage or employ an external provider to ensure that they don’t face these kinds of operational disasters.

Business websites need to be properly designed, developed and managed. This makes web development an integral part of IT because if a company’s website is down or security is compromised, they’re potentially losing clients and sales.

First, you should probably look into studying some sort of . This is because you need a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge before you can enter into the field. Once you have a good qualification under your belt, you can start looking into career opportunities. Theory will also give you something to apply once you enter into the industry, making it an important component to get you started. Bearing in mind that every job is made up of theoretical and practical components, you can’t have one without the other. This is what makes a recognised programme the key to getting you and your career, on the right track.

"In a digital age, every business needs an extra edge to help them stand out amongst the crowd. Shouldn’t you see your tertiary education in the same way?"

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Should you pursue this popular and respected programme, you could find yourself in the realm of project or office administration, project management, or even in a managerial position.

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