Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education

If you’ve ever pictured yourself standing in front of a classroom of eager, hungry young minds its time to consider a degree in education. Through a passion for developing the minds of those around you, a teaching degree can give you the platform to truly make your mark on the next generation. 

Think about the teachers that made the biggest impact whilst you were at school; chances are that they felt equally (if not more) proud of each of their students who made that little bit of extra effort or who accomplished what they originally thought they might not be able to achieve. Teaching has the potential to be one of the most rewarding professions with huge benefits to those who harbour a passion for moulding tomorrow’s the leaders of tomorrow.

Teaching is a multifaceted profession practiced by a wide variety of people with different characters, personalities and visions. Through a common aim, people of different backgrounds, educational histories, strengths and weaknesses attain their teaching degree through recognised institutions.  Whether your passions lie in sports, the arts, the sciences or language, there is a teaching position out there that suits you. 

A degree in education also has the potential to offer a successful graduate a very appealing lifestyle. With generally shorter work days, in comaprrison to corporate envoronments, as well as far more vacation time than the average vocation, a teaching position offers candidates the oportunity to follow other interests whilst being assured a stable income. Whether you’re interested in studying further, whilst working, or persuing a personal interest, the lifestyle offered by a degree in education provides the perfect opportunity to invest some of your time into a variety of opportunities. 

As well as becoming a teacher, there are other possible career options open to a graduate with a teaching degree. Educational consultancy work and positions in school management are competitive positions which provide a different type of education-based envoronment.