Communications and the world of Advertising

Communications and the world of Advertising


You’d be forgiven for thinking that advertising involves creative minds only. When you look a little closer at the inner workings of the industry, you’ll find that strategic minds exist as well. Corporate communication has become in integral part of the advertising world, making a degree in communication something to be appreciated.

For starters, there’s the internal communications aspect of an advertising agency. With so many different types of people working together in one place, clashes in ideas and personalities happen fairly often. Through communications, these conflicts can be resolved or prevented. With fewer conflicts in the workplace, agencies are able to focus more on creativity and productivity.

Then of course there’s the way an agency interacts with its clients and manages projects. In every agency, communication is everything and without it, all would be lost. Proper corporate communication means that client service is a more effective and less tedious process. In the grander scheme of things, good channels of communication mean that clients are happy with the work provided and services given, so there’s less reverts on jobs and fewer chances of having to handle disgruntled clients.

Marketing is another popular choice for BCom graduates. This is because the world of marketing offers a host of opportunities for the broad-based Bachelors of Commerce. From brand development to brand building, you could be the go-to employee in your marketing department with a BCom!

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"The art of communication is the language of leadership"
- James Humes

Communications and Advertising have created a unique job category that’s gaining momentum, the Communication Strategist. This new title and realm of expertise has shown just how powerful, appreciated and necessary proper communication is. Whether it’s brand communication or organisational, these strategists play an important role in coming up with communications plans to take agencies and their clientele to the next level.

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