Five ways to deal with anxiety

5 Ways To Deal With Anxiety corporate communication degree

Living in a digitally-driven age comes with its own set of challenges. As modern living becomes increasingly stressful, anxiety is something that appears to be a more common occurrence. For starters, there are study stresses that come with pursuing a corporate communication degree. Then there are the pressures of finding a job (and keeping it) after you’ve graduated with a BA communication. Combine these with friends, family and everything in between and it’s easy to see how one might feel overwhelmed.

If you have ever struggled with anxiety you’ll know that it’s not something that should ever be dealt with alone. When you bottle things up, they’re bound to boil over sooner or later. At The IIE’s Varsity College, our commitment to driving new world thinking extends to the way we speak about issues that are important to our students. It’s why we share tips and advice that empowers our candidates to positively deal with what they might be thinking. Regardless of whether or not they’re studying a corporate communication degree or, teaching, or business qualification, we’re always here for our students and have several structures in place to provide a safe environment and effective support structures.

Here are six ways that you can positively deal with your anxiety:

  • Identify what sets off your anxiety.
  • With anxiety being the body’s natural response to stressors, it’s important to recognise what our own personal triggers are. Perhaps you are overwhelmed by studying for exams in order to graduate with your IIE BA corporate communication. Alternatively, you might find gatherings with large groups of people very stressful. It’s important to note that everyone finds certain things more stressful than others. It’s why you should focus on yourself and what impacts you most. In doing so, you’ll be more aware of situations that might cause you anxiety.

  • Take a closer look at your thought patterns
  • Many professionals claim that negative thoughts can often worsen the severity of scenarios that cause your anxiety. With this in mind, challenging those bad thoughts or fears can help you regain control and redirect your energy away from the stress. Ask yourself how true and how valid these thoughts are and whether or not you should be giving them as much focus.

  • Write down what you’re thinking
  • If it seems too daunting to say it out loud, why not write down what you’re thinking and feeling. By putting these down on paper, you’re acknowledging them and putting them out there. This can help you release what might be troubling you. It also makes you see that you’re actively dealing with the way you feel.

  • Keep your mind and body healthy
  • Your health includes your mental and physical state so it’s important that you work on both. The same way that you’d go to the gym, you should go and talk to someone if you feel like your mind isn’t in a good space. In the same breath, you should be feeding your mind with positive thoughts the same way that you feed your body nourishing foods.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • At any point in time, if you feel like you aren’t coping, we strongly suggest that you speak to a medical professional who can guide you towards a routine or treatment that will help you live a happier, healthier life. You are not alone and there are others who experience the same anxiety as you.

At The IIE’s Varsity College, our focus is firmly on helping on students embrace the new world thinking that enables them to live their most successful lives in an upside down world. For more on the IIE Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication, please click here.

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