Four benefits of working remotely

Whether you’ve studied an IIE Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication or a BCom Management, many of today’s industries are big on working remotely. From sourcing talent around the world to cutting down on office overheads, this way of working has immense benefits for both staff and business owners.

An honours in communication qualification from The IIE will prepare you for this New World way of working, and here’s what you’re set to gain.

You’ll save time

By working remotely, you’ll spend less time commuting from home to work each day. You might have to attend the odd meeting but as a whole, you’ll notice that there are a few more hours to utilise in the average day. Another observation you might make is the fact that you have no interruptions from co-workers, this will also save you time and make you more productive.

Fewer expenses

Whilst you might have to take the hit and set up a home office, this will soon be paid back by the money you would have spent on fuel to get to work each day. This will come as a welcomed relief, especially if you paid for your BA honours in communication studies yourself. Then there are the parking costs, maintaining your vehicle and even an updated professional wardrobe. With less money spent, you can save more and do something you’ve always wanted to do, like a bucket list holiday.

A more balanced work and home life

The chances are, you would have worked tirelessly and sometimes at all hours to get your Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication. Now, it’s time to enjoy a bit more balance. With working remotely comes a schedule that can be tweaked to suit you. If you’re an early bird, you can work from 5am to 2pm. The same can be said for those who perform better at night. This type of working gives you the freedom to find what works best and run with it. Unexpected events can also be accommodated as you won’t need to take the day off if your geyser bursts at home or if you have a family emergency. This will also come in handy when you have kids because you’ll be able to be there when they need you.

Increased happiness, health and job satisfaction

Those who work remotely are said to be happier and more likely to stick around for their employers. This is because they experience less stress and more positive relationships. They’re also more likely to have time for hobbies and things that interest them, which helps them nurture their creativity. Where health and wellness is concerned, remote working often equals improved health. This is because exercise, healthier eating and even a more comfortable workspace are all by-products of working from home.

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