4 awesome places that The IIE BA Honours in Communication could take you

4 awesome places that The IIE BA Honours in Communication could take you

Whether you picture yourself a hotshot executive, a self-employed maverick or even a creative force to be reckoned with, a Bachelor of Arts Honours is the perfect way to get the career you’ve always dreamed of. Here are a few places this degree could take you:


It’s interesting, creative, thrilling and even a little glamorous! The world of advertising relies on candidates with great qualifications in communication strategy, creative writing and visual arts. If you’ve got what it takes to think beyond the box and take brands from good to great, you were made for the advertising world.

Corporates and FMCG

Communication studies bode well in the big world of corporate. This is because much of a business’ goals and objectives are achieved through stellar communications. Whether it’s internal or external communications, strategy is the key to getting messages across to mass audiences in the best way possible.


From television to radio, magazines and even digital communication like social media, this realm has a host of opportunities for those with a Bachelor of Arts Honours. This industry is a fast-paced one and you might even get to rub shoulders with a few celebs!


Yes, you heard right. With this Honours degree you could even enter a position working within Government. This is because communication is a fundamental that connects departments, the Government and its people. Without the right strategy, all processes and protocols would be in complete shambles.

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