Three Reasons you should dress like a CEO regardless of your position

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Living in a digitally-driven age comes with its own set of challenges. As modern living becomes increasingly stressful, anxiety is something that appears to be a more common occurrence. For starters, there are study stresses that come with pursuing a corporate communication degree. Then there are the pressures of finding a job (and keeping it) after you’ve graduated with a BA communication. Combine these with friends, family and everything in between and it’s easy to see how one might feel overwhelmed.

We’ve all heard the saying that we should dress for the job we want and not the job we have. As it turns out, there’s a lot of truth to be found in this sentiment, especially where success in the workplace is concerned. Whether you studied a business administration course to work in payroll administration or a BCom to become a brand manager, the same rule applies: you should always be dressing like you own and run the business. Why? The answers might surprise you.

Boost your self-confidence

For starters, there’s the way our clothes make us feel about ourselves. Although this impact can be seen in the outfits we wear every day, they play a key part in how we see ourselves within our working environment. Our clothing is an extension of ourselves and our personalities. This makes dressing like a successful employee one of the keys to actually being a successful employee. It’s also a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we dress like we’re important whilst we’re working and studying a programme like a business administration course, we’re more likely to see ourselves as more important. This could lead to us performing in ways that make us indispensable to the business we are part of. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel good every day when they get to work?

Be more productive

As we mentioned above, when you look the part, you’re more likely to feel the part. This also means that you act the part and behave in a way that makes you more productive. You might be a payroll manager but by dressing like a CEO and working like a CEO, you’ll find that you’re a few steps closer to earning that title. When you’re more productive, you get noticed by your managers and this in turn, makes you stand out. If you’re looking for a raise or a promotion, this is a great way to make sure that you set yourself apart. By looking more influential you’ll be able to function like someone that is influential.

Make an impression that lasts

The way we dress influences the way others see us too. This means that those in positions of power often form opinions of employees based on the way they come dressed to work. As a result, those looking to get hired or promoted shouldn’t be dressed down, in fact, they should be looking to be the best-dressed if they are to get noticed. By putting pride in your appearance, you’re showing your employer that you want to put your best foot forward for not only yourself, but for the business too. This is something that inspires respect from superiors looking for up and coming staff.

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