Three attributes that could get you a promotion

3 Attributes That Could Get You a Promotion BA Honours

Most of us get a job hoping to progress up the career ladder where we might enjoy greater responsibilities, a more respected title and even higher pay cheques. Whilst getting a post-graduate degree like a BA Honours in communication studies and communication strategy will definitely help, there are a few other attributes that could help you secure the promotion you’ve had your eye on.

Emotional Intelligence

Whilst IQ is important, your EQ might have a more profound impact on whether or not you get awarded that promotion. Emotional intelligence refers to your ability to identify and process the emotions in yourself and others. It also relies on being able to use this awareness in managing your own behaviour and relationships. As a result, this could also be referred to as self-awareness. In being more self-aware, you can make better decisions and communicate well. This will result in more beneficial relationships with your peers and greater respect from those in management. A good EQ also makes for exceptional leaders, which is why those who display it are often considered for managerial positions.

A passion for growth

By displaying that you care about your own progress and that of the business are also more likely to receive promotions. From studying a BA Honours to helping fellow employees further themselves, there are several ways that you can show a passion for growth. This illustrates to management that you’re not one to get complacent and that you won’t stop working once you get promoted. If anything, you’ll be more inclined to put the work in.

A positive mindset

Everyone wants success but few people have the attitude to get them there. Getting to the top isn’t without its challenges but what matters is how well you navigate the hurdles in your path. The way we think has the potential to steer us in any direction that we choose. This means that our thoughts have tremendous power over us and ultimately, our progression in our careers. By showing that you have a positive attitude, you’ll inspire those that you work with. You’ll also get noticed by management for having a motivational impact on fellow employees. It’s also worth noting that positive attitudes rub off on those around us, which could lead to a much more positive office as a whole. Positivity can also drive greater employee satisfaction because the workplace is a happier and more pleasant place to be in.

Get the new world thinking that every employer wants

It’s tough to stand out when everyone has their eye on success. It’s why an Honours degree has fast become one avenue that opens the doors of opportunity. When you add to your existing skill set with highly-marketable traits like problem-solving and critical thinking, there’s no reason why you can’t make every career aspiration a reality. To read more about The IIE’s Varsity College and how our IIE Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication imparts the #NewWorldThinking that gets our graduates noticed, please click here.

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