Ayanda Mthethwa
Derek Bestel

Ayanda Mthethwa


IIE Bachelor of Commerce
The IIE’s Varsity College Westville
Company: RCL Foods

Describe your daily duties:
My daily duties include:

  • Data capturing for the Broiler farms
  • Administrative duties
  • Liaising with the farms
  • Allocation of resources

Why did you choose the qualification you studied?
I chose the IIE BCom because it was well suited for my personality; being a person who is easily bored I found the versatility of the qualification refreshing. I knew that I could virtually fit myself into any part of an organisation from HR, purchasing, finance or research and development.

Is your qualification relevant to your job? If so, did your studies adequately prepare you for your job?
Very much so. I am currently in the consumer division where we analyse consumers’ reaction to the different products and well as sourcing contract farmers to breed and grow livestock as per demand.

What are your future career plans?
I would like to specialise in Research and Development and Risk Management and, in 2021, I plan to register for an Honours Degree.

What was the one thing that stood out the most for you about The IIE’s Varsity College?
The lecturers were always available to help you, even beyond class scheduled times. The institution offers all the support a student needs. Even when I suffered the loss of my step father, VC cares helped me to cope and work through the grief. For that I’m grateful.